Important Revolutions in India

  1. Black Revolution: Petroleum Production
  2. Blue Revolution: Fish Production
  3. Brown Revolution: Leather/nonconventional(India)/Cocoa production
  4. Golden Fiber Revolution: Jute Production
  5. Golden Revolution: Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
  6. Green Revolution: Food grains
  7. Grey Revolution: Fertilizer
  8. Pink Revolution: Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India)/Prawn production
  9. Red Revolution: Meat & Tomato Production
  10. Round Revolution: Potato
  11. Silver Fiber Revolution: Cotton
  12. Silver Revolution: Egg/Poultry Production
  13. White Revolution (In India: Operation Flood): Milk/Dairy production
  14. Yellow Revolution: Oil Seeds production
  15. Evergreen Revolution: Overall development of Agriculture

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